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Offering Knowledgeable, Experienced Federal Criminal Defense

Dealing with the federal courts is an entirely different process than the state courts. The federal government doesn’t accept every case, and has seemingly endless resources at its disposal. Federal prosecutors choose whom they want to indict before a grand jury, often months or years into an investigation.

For a strong defense for federal criminal cases, turn to The Law Office of Ryan M. Tutera. Our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, firm has represented clients at every level of federal investigation, including in the grand jury indictment, at trial and at sentencing. This includes the following types of charges:

  • Narcotics and drug trafficking
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Theft, embezzlement and fraud
  • Aggravated identity theft
  • Bank robbery
  • Armed robbery/Hobbs Act
  • Sex crimes
  • Continuing criminal enterprise (CCE)
  • Organized crime, racketeering (RICO cases)
  • Terrorism (Patriot Act cases)

Protect Your Rights With The Right Defense Lawyer

Hiring the wrong lawyer for federal criminal defense cases can put your freedom and rights in serious jeopardy. An inexperienced attorney may not know how to effectively fight for your best interests, and may not understand the federal sentencing guidelines.

Attorney Ryan M. Tutera not only has a working knowledge of the federal sentencing guidelines, but he also has extensive experience with cases at the district court level in the Western District of Pennsylvania. He is a respected litigator who is known to challenge the courts on many issues, such as judicial overreach or conflict of interest. He has experienced a considerable amount of success on behalf of his clients, from favorable verdicts to charges dropped to lesser offenses.

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