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We Fight Hard, And We Get Results

Through vigorous and diligent representation, our firm can help you obtain the most favorable outcome to your criminal charges.

You Need The Right Attorney

No matter what type of criminal charges you face, it is important to have an experienced, dedicated attorney on your side.

State Criminal Defense

We handle a range of state felony and misdemeanor offenses, including those related to traffic violations, drug charges, firearms, violent crimes and homicide.

Federal Criminal Defense

Our firm can help with a variety of federal charges, including accusations of drug conspiracy, sex crimes, bank robbery, terrorism and RICO/racketeering.

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At The Law Office of Ryan M. Tutera, we offer criminal defense representation for a wide range of state and federal crimes, including, narcotics or drug offenses, violent crimes, firearms possessions, sex crimes, fourth amendment issues and DUI.

Attorney Ryan M. Tutera has litigated hundreds of jury and nonjury trials and has an understanding of how the government builds a criminal case. In addition, he has represented clients in high-profile cases that have received local, statewide and national attention.

We Can Help With Your Criminal Charges

No matter how minor or severe the charges against you are, we will provide you with aggressive, unwavering defense representation. Our goal is to obtain the best results, and it is what we were hired to do. We will fight with everything we’ve got to ensure our client is satisfied — and possibly with a better outcome than they expected.

Additionally, you will receive a high level of personal service from a knowledgeable lawyer. We will listen to your needs and concerns with an empathetic ear, and provide you with timely updates as your case progresses.

Don’t Wait For Strong Legal Representation

It’s never too early or late to get the criminal defense representation you deserve. Call our firm at 412-566-2660 for a free initial consultation. Or if you prefer, send a message online using the form on this website and tell us about your situation.